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Strictly for those who love any and all interactions between Pitch Black and Jack Frost. "Because what goes better together than cold and darkness?" All ratings and genres are welcome as long as each fic includes Pitch/Jack in some way. Also, if interested for staff, please message me~! Jack Frost And Pitch Fanfic | David Simchi-Levi Jack Frost returns with the police cruiser to the station, jack frost and pitch fanfic finally confronting Sheriff Sam Tiler. Agent Stone reveals himself to be a representative of the genetic research company that created the acid and reveals that the snowman is a mutated Jack Frost. Pitch Black X Jack Frost, a romance fiction | FictionPress The end of Rotg movie, Jack follows after the nightmares and converses with Pitch where they slowly fall in love. Unbeta'ed let me know now what you all think. This is my first fanfic so criticism is welcome! Light smut so if you don't like even a hint of Boy x Boy TURN AWAY NOW! One-shot but may do this from Pitches view not sure yet. Roving Reading Writer • ROTG Fanfiction: Blizzard-Chapter 10

Pitch tried to be a friend to Jack and get Jack to join him in creating a world that is all Pitch Black and Jack Frost. Jack turned it down by saying he doesn't want to live in a world they fear him and to leave him alone. Angered by his refusal, Pitch revealed to Jack …

Aug 23, 2013 ... Pitch has seen the potential of evil in Jack Frost since the beginning, and after the events of the movie, devises a plan to turn Jack into a perfect ... Reaching His Threshold (Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost/Pitch Black ... Title: Reaching His Threshold Fandom: Rise of the Guardians Pairing: Jack Frost/ Pitch Black Rating: NC17 Word Count: 1993 Summary: Written for the DW kink ... Rise of the Guardian Jack Frost Movie - Pinterest Tumblr. " Rise of the Guardian Jack Frost Movie<<

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"Daddy" (Jack Frost/Pitch) (4/28) Original Prompt: “I… have no idea I wanted this until I thought about it, but I want a fic where Pitch gets some with Jack and he reveals he has a daddy kink and... Fanfics Varios - Home | Facebook

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You can't kill fear, Jack. Jack as an always girl (please no magic spell gone awry turning him into one) and Pitch making a cold and fear-filled night together. So I heard it’s blackice week? Let’s pretend I intended to contribute. Jacqueline sees that others change, that others are not alone. She fears that she will never be like them. Then she meets Pitch. Read More Jack Frost/pitch Black Fic Recs | David Simchi-Levi Elsa and Jack frost fanfic! | Mailman Journals Mar 03, 2014 · This jack frost/pitch black fic recs is not a fanfic about romance between those two. It is just a fantasy adventure! Because I love it! The story starts at the Guardians when they are attacked by lady of great white, a follower of Pitch Black aka the Bogeyman.

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Rise of the Guardians - Fanlore The most popular ships pair protagonist Jack Frost (voiced by Chris Pine) with either antagonist Pitch Black (voiced by Jude Law) or fellow Guardian E. Aster Bunnymund (voiced by Hugh Jackman). Zastruga / Fan Fic - TV Tropes Zastruga is a Rise of the Guardians fanfiction by Solemini, set in an Alternate Timeline that splits off the day Jack Frost is raised from his lake. Pitch … Where Were You?, a rise of the guardians fanfic | FanFiction

Pitch kept trying, in vain, to hit Jack, who in turn, got him in almost all of his attempts. “Don’t you think this is the end, Frost!” Pitch said, and then, finally, he hit the younger one in the back. Caught by surprise, Jack staggered and almost fell. Pitch, in turn, smiled triumphantly. Play Along (Jack Frost/Pitch Black; background OT8) (1/9)